Top 5 Cryptos Set for Big Profits As February Ends

As we reach the deadline of February 2023, the cryptocurrency market is cautiously optimistic. Will the bear market continue its ugly head in the crypto space? Or, will the bulls turn things around and dominate the landscape?

A quick look at both crypto market trackers Coingecko and CoinMarketCap shows that most cryptos are in the red. But, despite the bad weather, some cryptos are showing resilience and a lot of promise, without worrying about the problems as the new moon enters.

Top 5 Cryptos Set For Big Profits Today


Let’s start with ADA, Cardano’s original token that is used on the chain for a variety of purposes. Public information show that the brand is on the rise, with a percentage increase in the regular period that is against the pattern of the bear market that was established last week.

As it stands at the moment, the price of the token is being hampered by the overall bearish trend prevailing in the market. However, bulls may find support at the $0.3563 support level.

The long term for ADA is neutral, indicating strong bull and bear resistance above current support. If the support holds, short to medium gains are likely.


Even the ol’ trusty crypto’s have faced losses in the face of hookups. However, market data shows that the altcoin is on its way back to $100.

The price of Litecoin remains departure starting on February 25 with a reduction in future trading volume. This may be a sign that the panic selling that occurred last week may return to buying pressure in the short to medium term.

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A decrease in trading volume means fewer people are selling or buying the asset, indicating that LTC has found support and is likely to go higher.

At the time of writing, $90.73 is where LTC bulls should focus their attention. This has been the support of the altcoin since the end of January and has since stopped many bearish price movements while the crypto market has stagnated. With Litecoin base discovery communication on all sides angleLTC near $100 in the next two weeks is not far away.


Rank 95 on Coingecko based on the market, this new cryptocurrency for the NEM network has seen some activity in the last couple of days. Market data shows that the token is up almost 40% in the daily session, which is against the flow of the larger crypto market. This is supported by the growth of the business, which reached 456.5 million dollars in the last 24 hours.

Source: Investopedia

As the NEM network continues to build on its concept of “NASDAQ for the new economy”, the price of XEM is expected to rise in the next couple of days. This breakout from historical resistance is sure to give the bulls the boost they need to push higher.


Stacks’ role in the distributed economy is based on how it introduced smart contracts to the world of Bitcoin. Since its inception, investors have found leverage in the platform, collecting (no pun intended) profits for STX, the platform’s original token.

With a market cap of $1.2 billion, STX is sky more than 11% since yesterday, outperforming both the most profitable crypto markets and smart contract tokens by a large margin.

The recent price movement has pushed STX to the May 2022 levels which, if sustained, will be the launch pad for the token to target $1.

Crypto total market cap at $1 trillion on the weekend chart | Chart:


Use of GHOSTDAG agreement, Kaspa Group aims to deliver a proven and reliable engine for developers. The original token, KAS, is currently at the forefront of major cryptos as the community strives to do wake up fees for listing in one of the top 10 exchanges in the market. This is indicative of the increase in trading prices in the past few days.

As it stands now, the sign’s progress at $0.008886 will give the bulls an opportunity to take advantage, with a possible target at $0.012914. If this trend continues, KAS can settle above $0.008886 with a continuation in the coming weeks at $0.012914.

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