Research has shown climate change in the American West since 11,000 years ago

Climate in the west, today and 11,000 years ago

UC Davis students hiked through the Grand Canyon, a landscape that has changed dramatically over the past thousands and millions of years. Credit: Joe Proudman/UC Davis People often say that Phoenix is ​​dry; Seattle has always been wet; and San Francisco was always foggy. But “always” is a strong word. A study from the University …

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The human brain looks ‘years’ after just one night without sleep, a small study shows

photo of a woman in with long, dark hair lying in bed under a large blanket. She holds both hands over her face as if struggling to sleep

Just going one night without sleep can make the brain grow, as if it suddenly aged one to two years overnight, a new study suggests. However, these changes seem to disappear after a good night’s rest. In the study, researchers used machine learning to generate “brain” statistics from scans of the brains of sleep-deprived people, …

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Chris Kirk battled alcoholism and depression – now has his first PGA Tour win in seven years | CNN

Kirk during the final round.

CNN – It has been 2,836 days since Chris Kirk won the PGA Championship. However, after getting his first win in over seven years last Sunday, this is not the first step on the American player’s mind. A nail-biting victory over brother Eric Cole at The Honda Classic in Florida sealed the American’s fifth PGA …

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25 Years Ago, Innocent Sci-Fi Movie Beats ‘The Matrix’ to the Punch

Dark City Rufus Sewell

Many compliments are in full Matrix in 1999 was directed at Hugo Weaving. The evil representative of the Smith monument can be anywhere at any time, and as it is, few can escape from the clutches. Matrix took pop culture. References, rip-offs, stuff, and moral intimidation were everywhere, though at the time Shrek Same to …

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