Astronomers Discover Massive Black Hole in Extreme Galaxy in Early Universe

Size of Black Hole Quasar

An artist’s impression of a giant hole seen in the center of a distant galaxy. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech New Discovery Shines Light on Supermassive Black Holes Astronomers from the University of Texas and the University of Arizona have discovered a rapidly growing hole in one of the largest galaxies known in the early universe. Discovery of …

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Astronomers have observed long-wavelength smoke from the blazar PKS 0537-286

Armenian astronomers probe long-range smoke from blazar PKS 0537-286

Multiwavelength light angle of PKS 0537-286. Credit: Sahakyan et al, 2023 Using three telescopes, Armenian astronomers have observed a red supernova called PKS 0537-286. The results of the observation campaign, which was presented on February 15 on the pre-published server arXivdeliver important information about the properties and origin of many airs from this source. Blazars, …

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