Destiny 2 Flash Full Version: Server Launches, Install Size Confirmed

The new Destiny 2 Lightfall expansion is coming out tomorrow, February 28, and in the meantime, Bungie has taken the Destiny 2 servers offline. The servers will be down until Lightfall comes out, but you can use this time to start downloading the update – and it’s a big one. We learned how much space is required both to download the update and install the game once Lightfall is available, and you may need to delete some games temporarily to make space.

Limit 2 server downtime and Light launch times

The new Destiny 2 servers will be live for 24 hours starting at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET on February 27th. This means you’ll need to stop playing today, and unfortunately, it’s too late to make up for anything you’ve missed—Season of Seraph content, as well as all other season content from the past year, will be vaulted. when the servers come back online. Downloads for Lightfall are now available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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Lightfall installation size

Bungie has warned that the download for Destiny 2: Lightfall will be very large, but on the bright side, the game will have a smaller footprint after the update – and you’ll see improved load times as well.

Specifically, Bungie warns that those playing the PS4 version (including those playing that version on PS5) will need around 80 GB of additive Space to download Lightfall. The old files will be removed after the installation is complete, but the installation will need to have both the new files and the old files. On PC, the situation is more extreme for Steam and Epic Games Store players, as you will need more than 223GB free to play the game. The situation is not difficult on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Here’s a breakdown of how much space you’ll need to initially take, and how much space will be used after the update, thanks to Bungie’s help site:

Option 2: Flash preloading and installation requirements

PlayStation 5

  • Install Size: 102.6 GB*
  • Storage Space Required for Pre-Loading: 102.6 GB

Xbox Series X |

  • Install Size: 108.59 GB
  • Storage Space Required Before-Load: 108.59 GB

PlayStation 4

  • Install Size: 88.21 GB*
  • Storage Space Required for Pre-Loading: 184.64 GB

Xbox One

  • Install Size: 89.21 GB
  • Storage Space Required for Pre-Loading: 89.21 GB


  • Install Size: 102.60 GB*
  • Storage Space Required Before-Load: 233.2 GB

Epic Games Store

  • Install Size: 101.51 GB
  • Storage Space Required for Pre-Load: 223.3 GB

Microsoft Store

  • Install Size: 102.13 GB
  • Storage Space Required for Pre-Loading: 102.13 GB

*Installation size may vary depending on installation languages; The size shown is the maximum possible size.

There are many changes coming with Lighfall and the new season, Season of Defiance. In addition to the new Strand unit, Bungie is bringing some heavy expertise to line-up guns, along with some unique weapon changes. Loadouts are introduced with a new way to control armor equipment. New weapons and armor will also be added, along with a bunch of new content. For more, get ready with our first Lightfall article.

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