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Crime Boss: Rockay City is one of the biggest surprises that came out of last year’s Game Awards: a new video game from an unknown studio, featuring a large number of well-known actors – with a difficult divorce. a few days left, not a few! The slick, colorful trailer certainly turned some heads, but also raised some eyebrows, since it focuses more on who’s in the game rather than what you actually have to do.

After an hour and a half of time spent with Boss Crime: Rockay City, I now have a better idea of ​​what he actually is, but I also came to doubt that he can achieve what he plans to do. .

Crime Boss is basically a first-person shooter, but it aspires to be a ‘programmed crime game,’ meaning stealth, strategy, and good planning can lead to better results than going under the gun. The obvious comparison to make is Payday, the cooperative bank heist series, but my time with it was more like Left 4 Dead.

Three methods will be integrated during the launch. There’s Baker’s Battle, a single-player campaign where players control Michael Madsen’s character Travis Baker and help him become the biggest crime boss of Rockay City. There is also a Season of Crime, which consists of fast-paced heists that can be played alone or cooperatively. These get you faster to unlock new crew members, gear, or contracts.

The mode I previewed, Urban Legends, is the happy medium of the two. Like Left 4 Dead, these six “mini-campaigns” consist of various unique missions that are interwoven with each other to tell a fun story. Up to four players can play together, with a portable bot. Unlike Left 4 Dead’s lean arcade-like roster, Rockay City has players choosing their characters from a large rogues gallery of unscrupulous goons, henchmen, crooks, ne’er-do-wells, rogues, and others. In other modes, these crews all have to be unlocked with money earned on previous missions, but in Urban Legends, each mission has a specific list of characters to choose from.

Different character groups are fun, of course, but variety can hurt the game. Each character has a set of different traits that may have an impact on gameplay. For example, Booth is “Resilient” and “Trained,” while Big Joey is “Strong” but also “Weak.” Meanwhile, Mr. X is “Dedicated, Brave, Rock Solid, Trained, Rock Solid, and Stout,” but he’s also a “Tearer” and a “Bleeder.” Did you get it all? Well, now imagine you’re studying this information while your three colleagues are waiting for you to get ready to go steal cocaine and shoot people, already.

Each character has a unique outfit that includes two weapons and a special item. There’s something funny to me about a cool dude rolling up to work in his black sharkskin, carrying a Steyr AUG and a gold eagle, but also carrying eight small rocks. (8) which he can throw like a swing. Did he bring them from home, or did he take them outside? At the moment, some characters seem to be unprepared, just gathering a hand and a powerful weapon. Would you rather bring a knife to shoot a gun, or maybe a bat?

After all the emphasis on this game is about stealth and strategy and not getting into guns, our first mission is to shoot a group of rivals to send a message to its leader, Hielo, who is played by Vanilla Ice print. It’s possible that this mission could be done stealthily with an accurate kill, this was not the case with our team of three first team players and a PR guy who could hit the mission twenty times a day. It turned into a fire in seconds.

I like to think there are some balancing issues. That, or Vanilla Ice’s henchmen are high on PCP.

I’m not sure if the guns are weak or if the enemies are just bullet sponges, but I felt like I had to drop almost the entire clip in the lower level to save it. At the end we faced a senior officer of the group, who had a chief medical officer, but he was like a normal enemy, so it was funny to see the four of us shooting bullets into him while he was crouching in the a truck. angle. After a few missions, I picked up the sniper rifle, which was able to shoot most of the enemies, including some of the armored ones, so I thought there were some adjustment issues. That, or Vanilla Ice’s henchmen are high on PCP.

Not surprisingly, Crime Boss has some Grand Theft Auto DNA, including the sought-after star-based level. Doing enough crime will attract the attention of the Rockay City Police Force, and since crime is the main goal, they make frequent appearances. After killing the bullet sponge of the rival gang, the police came and our final goal was to get to the car that was going to leave. A couple of us fell while scrambling to get to the car, but it was still considered a successful mission, so we moved on to the next one.

This is the running title of the game; Inconsistencies of humor from the first group of players that led to the success of the state, repeat. If insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, I’m not sure what you call failing at something once, you classify it as a success, and move on, without learning anything from your mistakes not. We restarted two tasks because the game crashed, and we replayed the last one because we literally failed completely. By that I mean I underestimated the changes and radius of the gas pot, and I accidentally broke the whole team by shooting it.

A few missions are designed for side trips.

Other missions have different goals, and wider opportunities to take different paths. Many make us enter areas where we are not allowed to steal drugs, and sometimes the purpose of the choice is to remain undetected, so it is possible to search carefully, eliminate enemies silently, and out with little fuss, but it takes more work than me. he was able to get it. It doesn’t help that all the enemies are immediately on alert the second one of them spots you.

A few missions are designed for side trips. On the character selection screen, mission one has the simple objective of completing a drug deal, but the drug deal goes bad no matter what the players do, and the mission is run-and-gun from the start. In many missions, your van blows up the second you get there, and you’re ordered to find a safe place to evacuate while the police helicopters and mobsters fly by. The opposition shot you. The funny thing is that the same car is used again and again. Seeing your car in one piece after it explodes in your face is really cool, but then it explodes again, which is sad. This car is just days away from retirement.

Based on sales alone, there’s an argument to be made that Crime Boss: Rockay City is not as big a selling point as its cast. Michael Madsen, Michael Rooker, Danny Glover, Danny Trejo, Kim Basinger, Chuck Norris and Rob “Vanilla Ice” Van Winkle may not be an A-lister these days, but they are certainly household names. Crime Boss doesn’t take itself too seriously at all, and clearly pays homage to the classic films of the 80s and 90s. However, in Urban Legends, the cutscenes are so different from the gameplay that it feels less like renting a one-act movie from Blockbuster, and like switching between two movies airing simultaneously on different cable networks in the mid-90s. .

Crime Boss doesn’t take itself too seriously at all, and clearly pays homage to the classic films of the 80s and 90s.

Unfortunately, the way the famous professionals are doing, they are not doing well. Professional players will feel connected to the game and feel like their main goal is to make the most money in the least amount of time and GTFO. This is some of the worst voice work I’ve heard in a game recently. Chuck Norris actually sounds like he’s reading his lines out loud for the first time, not sure if he likes his confidence. After losing, he will kneel over your dead body and think “Why did I beat you this time?” with the same energy as David Lynch reading a weather report.

Basinger, Glover, and Rooker’s characters have a similar air of confusion, but at least they’re trying. Rooker’s character regularly bursts into laughter mid-sentence, making it seem like he’s actually reading these lines for the first time, but also genuinely cracks up at the idea of ​​calling someone a “butthole gerbil.” The character Vanilla Ice speaks in rhyme, but with the ability of someone else to speak over and over again, such as Roadblock in the original GI Joe cartoon.

The exception is Damion Poitier, who plays Michael Madsen’s character’s right-hand man, and will be the voice in your ear for most of Crime Boss. Poitier’s main claim to fame is playing Thanos in a flashback scene for the first Avengers movie and Chains in Payday 2, but he was apparently involved in writing Crime Boss. The jury is still out on how well the campaign was run, but if he had a hand in making Michael Rooker say the words “butthole gerbil,” we’re all in his debt.

The character Vanilla Ice speaks in rhyme, but with the ability of someone else to speak over and over again, such as Roadblock in the original GI Joe cartoon.

After reading everything I wrote, I realized how much campy B-movie charm Crime Boss: Rockay City has, and I really want to love it. Unfortunately, the clever, over-the-top presentation seems completely at odds with his game plan, which appears to be playing it a little too straight, and potentially biting off more than they can chew. In the end, the imperfections that make a bad movie a classic thriller aren’t always interesting when you have to be part of the action. Take all this with a grain of salt, because this is based on a static part of the pre-release version of the budget build, but also remember that it ends in a month.

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