Alec Baldwin & ‘Rust’ Producers Slammed For “Negligent & Careless” In New Outfits From Crew Members; The hero claims he pulled the gun that killed Halyna Hutchins

Still, Alec Baldwin and Rust The crew of the Indie Western is suing the producers over the 2021 murder of photographer Haylna Hutchins.

Ross Addiego, Doran Curtin and Reese Price filed a lawsuit against Baldwin and the production for negligence. The three men, who were present when Baldwin’s 1880s-era rifle went off during practice and killed Hutchins, also claimed that Baldwin pulled the trigger – something the actor , who has been charged with two counts of involuntary manslaughter, has long denied it.

“On October 21, 2021, defendant Alexander R Baldwin Ill fired a Colt 45 revolver at the crew on the set of the film Rust, killing the film’s Director of Photography – Halyna Hutchins – and injuring Ross Addiego, Doran Curtin, and Reese Price (“Plaintiffs”),” said the jury complaint (read it here) filed in New Mexico’s embattled courts. ‚ÄúThese injuries were caused by the defendants’ failure to comply with industrial safety regulations. The defendants cut the following; undocumented firearms discharge reports are ignored; and he insisted, he rushed to finish the film without any workers.”

The report from Albuquerque’s Virgil Law Firm also claims that “on the third scene, the defendant Baldwin cocked the revolver with the trigger and fired it at the workers who were beating Hutchins, and injured the plaintiffs.” .”

So, all three plaintiffs described exactly where they were inside Santa Fe’s Bonanza Creek Ranch when Hutchins was shot:

The sound of the live music going out in the small church was painful, which caused the weak explosion of the prosecutors.

Prosecutor Price saw the muzzle flash of the revolver in defendant Baldwin’s hand He heard the force of the gunshot in the small space. His ears began to vibrate. It felt like everything was moving slowly. He saw Souza screaming and crawling away from defendant Baldwin. Desperate and terrified, the crew began to strip Plaintiff Price by his shirt and out of the church. Prosecutor Price realized that a revolver had been pointed at him and his accomplices.

Appellant Addiego witnessed this flash. He heard the same horrible sound, force, and physical pain from the gunshot. He heard Souza’s screams and began to run around in chaos. He understood that he only saw the defendant Baldwin drive a turn towards him and the group he was standing in. Hutchins and Souza fell to the ground. While examining Souza for his injuries, appellant Addiego noticed a hole in the front of Souza’s shirt. With the assistance of a flight attendant and a paramedic, appellant Addiego removed Souza’s shirt and rolled him over. Souza’s scapula was broken, and a bullet lodged under his skin. Appellant Addiego applied pressure on Souza’s injuries until emergency medical personnel arrived.

Appellant Curtin heard the same sound, force, and physical injury from the gunshot. She watched as Hutchins fell to the ground in front of her. With Hutchins at her feet, other members of the crew ordered prosecutor Curtin to remove Hutchins’ headset. She bent down and removed the clothes from Hutchins’ head. In shock, she looked at Hutchins as he grabbed her stomach. Plaintiff Curtin placed her hand on Hutchins’ abdomen, trying to find the source of Hutchins’ pain and figure out what was going on. As the chaos continued, prosecutor Curtin was escorted out of the church. After coming out, she fell due to the explosion and the shock.

Weeks after Hutchins’ death, Baldwin insisted during an ABC interview with George Stephanopoulos that he “didn’t hold back” on the gun that killed the actor. While no one knows yet how the round of live ammo got on Rust However, Baldwin’s repeated claims about the FBI’s lack of involvement in its investigation of the incident and the gun itself are detailed in a 551-page report released by the Santa Fe Sheriff’s Office. publicly in November 2022. In this new suit and others, the local DA also alleges that Baldwin missed or gave short shrift to essential firearms and safety training on. Rust.

“Plaintiffs are entitled to compensation for their injuries sustained as a result of the defendants’ negligence and carelessness,” the document went on to say at one point. While there is no specific amount of money mentioned in the lawsuit, the request for “compensatory and punitive, joint and several”, and the loss of “well-being” and the loss of “the value of the loss received and the value of the money current acquisition,” can increase to a substantial amount if the judgment is in favor of the plaintiffs.

The new lawsuit comes in the midst of several other civil cases, a few criminal cases Rust against Baldwin is the plaintiff. After entering a not guilty plea in the criminal case on Feb. 23, Baldwin scored a major victory last week when a gun enhancement statute carrying a five-year sentence was passed by the Santa Fe DA after the cry of the security groups of non-compliance.

The actor’s attorneys had no comment Monday when contacted by Deadline about the latest lawsuit.

As a possible resurrection Rust referring to the early summer in Montana with Baldwin back in his role as the lead gunslinger and Joel Souza the lead, the new suit blasted the producers for hiring the “inexperienced and unqualified” Hannah Gutierrez-Reed as the lead. Rust double duty armor that she did for the props department to save money. Addiego, Curtin and Price also condemned the hiring of retired David Halls as first assistant director “despite complaints from former programs about Halls’ failure to maintain security.”

Like Baldwin, Reed was charged on Jan. 31 with two counts of involuntary manslaughter, which carries a sentence of 18 months and nine months in prison if convicted. Set to appear on the DA’s witness list alongside widower Matthew Hutchins, various crew members and police, Halls reached a plea deal with DA Mary Carmack-Altwies late last year.

Unlike camera crew member Addego and costume department member Curtin, Rust key holding Price is also on the DA bond list at the moment.

As Baldwin and his NYC team pushed to get special prosecutor Andrea Reeb fired from the case because of her role as an elected New Mexico GOP congresswoman. Rust A criminal trial is not expected for at least three months. This delay in a case fraught with delays was due in no small part to the schedules of all the prosecutors, defense attorneys, and defendants Baldwin and Reed.

All this means, if Rust really goes into production again, the film could end before the defendants ever have a trial in the criminal case, or even this new civil case.

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